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The Founder

Megan Lee Joy is a positivity and mindset master. She has supported humans around the world awaken their spirit into self-love. Through meditation, movement, music and media, Megan creates multi-disciplinary mindfulness experiences.


As a creator, healer and thought leader, Megan's mission is to expand empowering education and conscious content so that we can breath in our potential and exhale our dreams.


Megan Joy has been a teacher and a creative her entire life. She began in BT and ABA, working with special needs children. In her social skills workshops, she married script writing with role playing in order for participants to practice and somatically embody mindfulness + social skills. 20 years later, she's been working in the entertainment industry producing, developing, programming and branding for film, tv & digital media.


Megan struggled with anxiety, escapism and most importantly, a lack of self-worth for most of adolescent and adult life. The crazy part was that she wasn't even fully aware of it! Until she was. She had spent the better part of her life finding solace in anything other than herself and at 30, she was OVER IT.  She could no longer heal the world until she gave that same passion to her own healing.


It was less Eat pasta's, Pray in Tibet, Love all over the world and more Eat plant medicine, detach Praying from religion, and  Love herself into celibacy! But being able to come back to herself, her awareness and most importantly into her body blew her wide open! In the best possible way. What even was living before this?! Her inner attunement created outer attainment as everything she had ever ask for started coming my way. Her entire existence shifted and yours can too.

So, for the last 5 years, she has been training with the top leaders in the transformational & mindfulness fields. Her years of self-discovery allowed her to not only take back the throne of her mind & develop practices that truly work, but to discover her purpose, to share them with YOU! 

Neurology and psychology came together to create the no-BS science of Positivity she now spreads. After learning and experimenting with hundreds of practices and systems, she now supports client's into connecting to their inner-self and companies into connecting with their outer community. With endless possibilities and an expanded awareness, you can have the life of your dreams too.

Megan created the roadmap for your healing that breaks through whats been holding you back, all while cultivating balance, self-love, and most importantly JOY! Are you in?

 Megan Joy Founder / Mindset Master

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