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Hello you gorgeous human, my name is Megan Joy and I am your personal guide into expanded self-love and self-mastery!  

I have struggled with anxiety, escapism and most importantly, a lack of self-worth for most of my life. The crazy part was that I wasn't even fully aware of it! What are you pretending not to know? Coming into my awareness and back into my body blew my mind! In the best possible way. This inner attunement created outer attainment as everything I had ever ask for started coming my way. My entire existence shifted and yours can too.


For the last 4 years I have been training with the top leaders in the transformational & mindfulness fields. Neurology and psychology come together to create the science of Positivity I now teach. After learning and experimenting with hundreds of practices and systems, I am now helping ambitious professionals optimize their time, energy and love to makeover their mindset! With endless possibilities and an expanded awareness, you can have the life of your dreams too.

 Megan Joy Founder / Mindset Master

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